How to Learn Math Fast

A book on how to learn Math and then how to use the principles in learning Math, plus the Math itself to analyze and solve real life problems. Written by a very good Math student turn successful businessman.


I am Jim Thio and I am stupid. I know it's true because my teachers, parents, friends, etc. said that to me so many times.

However, decades ago I discovered a way to learn Math that even stupid people can understand.

It helped me a lot that I went on learning it the easy way. That method help me learn so well I managed to won Math competitions after Math competitions, including a silver medal in International Physics Olympiad.

All these with minimum amount of homework and practices. In fact, I was so lazy I copied pretty much all of my homeworks.

A few years ago I created this site to help people learn Math more efficiently.

You to can can learn and use Math to run your life with the new proven way, save a lot of money and time from the wrong way, and get results you want.



I really appreciate all of your help. I have been out of school for quite sometime and canít remember anything but adding, subtracting, dividing, and some fractions. So I am going back to the basics and having to learn everything over again. I really appreciate your insight and all of your suggestions. You are magnifico!!!

Have a great day!!



Why the smart and diligent have a hard time learning math while the lazy and stupid rocks? The smart and diligent often fail to learn Math well or achieve anything else worthwhile. With some common sense, however, the lazy and stupid can rocks. You see how many very rich businessmen are drop outs. If they can be successful, why the smart and diligent is not as successful as them?

The reason why most humans never achieve anything worthwhile is because they think they cannot. The main reason why they think they cannot is because they have been conditioned to think that they cannot for too many years. This is often done by making those humans go to the wrong direction.

The diligent people just keep working hard not bother checking that they go to the wrong direction. The smarts don't get stuck and keep heading the wrong way. The stupid and lazy is forced to think where the correct path first. That's why.

I am one of the samples. Destined to be a humble businessman, I am stupid. My teachers must have agreed with it because they often told that to everyone all the time. My grades are around the bottom quarter on my class. My physics teacher bounced my head to his desk to drive his points. I could not solve even a simple linear equation (out of 5) that I got 0 in exam. Physics was too difficult to me where everyone else seem to understand. I didn't ask questions because I was too ashamed that those are too stupid to ask and because my questions annoy those around me.

Yet, when I know how some natural principles of general problem solving, Math becomes the easiest courses that I have ever learnt in school.

I got silver a medal in International Physics Olympiad and can answer 5 out of 6 Putnam exam problems. I can take graduate level Math classes straight without prerequisites in UW Madison. Often on those courses, due to my busy schedule, I only have 2-3 days to learn before the exam. On all those courses, that is in my transcript permanently, I got 'A' easily. In addition I also use the principles to learn math not taught in school on other aspects of life, including how to be a very successful internet self entrepreneur.

Students that study together with me also have their grades significantly improved.

Although I am also very successful at many other aspects of life, what I mainly distinguish my self from others are my system at learning Math. So I'll talk about how to learn Math the most.

You can of course be successful at anything. All it takes is someone experienced proofing that it can be done, and showing the way. For how to learn Math, let me be that guy. For others' ask Bill Gates. Well, here it is.

Two of the Key Principles

You can be very good at Math too (if not already) by trying to come up with a way to study based on some natural principles. These are two of them.

  1. Robust. You study in a way that would work even if you are 10 times dumber than average population. Whenever you face any little resistance in something, you think of a way to circumvent it long before the problem get on your knee. So you never have to face difficulties in anything.
  2. Positive thinking. You refuse to believe anyone is smarter than you are. No one can learn Math better than you simply because they are genetically superior or something.

That's how I did it. That's why you can too.

Why Circumventing Resistance?

These two principles is not perfect of course. In business sometimes you have to bite the bullet and force through. However in learning Math like in other aspects of life, I circumvent difficulties in a way where I don't feel any strain.

Think it this way, many societies complaint that they fail because of lack of morality. One ideology, capitalism, is designed to work even if everyone is crook. Well, as far as now at least, capitalism is the most successful economic system, arguably the only one that works. Countries get prosper or get poor based mainly on how well they embraced free trades.

The same way my method in learning Math is design to work even if I were dumb. Hence my method works. Blessed be the dumb because they'll be good at Math.

Circumventing resistance works in many ways. When you're stuck at something, expand your dimension of choice space and consider doing other things.

Why Positive Thinking?

The second principle is also interesting. C'mon. I can't possibly be that lucky to be the smartest person in the earth. Maybe you could be?

Some of my failures in memorizing classes is a proof that I may not have the most powerful brain in universe. In fact my arrogance/confidence (what's the difference anyway?) did cause me problems that many people would think as too dumb to have.


However, when I am competing against the best in the world, I need to beef up my self confidence. If you just think that others can because they have better brain, then you will most likely fail and you will think that failure is just natural never knowing you could have succeeded.

If you think your brain can always match them, rather than explain why it's natural that you fail, you will seek ways to win.

The truth is some aspects of life are only known to a certain certainty. Assuming the best may work in some situations. One of them is definitely learning Math.

I'll show you how, sometimes, it is auspicious not to believe on the opinion with the highest probability of being correct.

As someone's born poor and stupid I would rather be arrogant and have a chance reaching for the stars and die trying. It's better for me than being modest and always be mediocre for the whole of my life never knowing that I could have reached those stars and still die not trying.

It's not like I had a lot to lose at that time anyway although I am more reserved now.

So never believe that you can't be good at Math, or get rich, or get laid with pretty girls. If you're not good, it is just not yet. If you believe you can't be good at Math, it's over. I can't help you. No one can. The truth is you can easily! However, when you believe you cannot, you really can not.


Many people says that this only works for me because I am "smart". The truth is, I am just like you. Maybe dumber. And to proof it, I tried my method to teach really troubled students.

 No I don't mean a fellow graduate students being afraid of getting a C. I mean a really troubled students whose parents think that they should spend extra hours and thousands of dollars in learning Math.

Yea, practices are a little different than theory. I need to change my methods several times. I need to understand what troubles them.

Turns out, 4 out of my 5 students that I teach have their Math grades significantly improve. One student improves their grades significantly from failing to A+ and like Math a lot since then. 

Soon students from other private teachers are moved to me because their parents say I made their students understand better! I

And you guys will get something that's more useful from my newest experienced. By observing students I understand what aspects of Math they have a hard time with. So I made series of lecture notes that show the most fundamentals of Math from many different intuitive points of view. You will get those notes for free as bonus for getting my e-book.

Math is very important

Math is Paramount

From all the stuffs taught in school, the lessons that help me run my business and my life now are Math lessons.

You hear me. Not music, not literature, not history (at least not the version taught in school), not natural language class. It's Math class. That's what MBA's are learning, Math based treatment of life.

Without Math, you got to settle for vague, incoherent, irrational, and inconsistent understanding of life. This will drive you crazy and make you choose less auspicious strategy in your life.

Math is the basis of all practical, yet useful knowledge system. You'll understand the history 10 times more clearly and much more easily when you know game theory which uses a lot of Math.

Useful economy theories that bring countries to prosperities get out of Mathematicians' desk like Adam Smith, John Nash, and Milton Friedman. They don't come from poets like Karl Marx. What happen to countries that follow Karl's teaching?

If you want to be successful at anything, your best friend is your Math's skill. Napoleon, Bill Gates, Sun Tzu, Warren Buffet, and Kiyosaki's Rich dad are all very good at Math.

A few hours learning Math can inflate your lifetime earning by 10 times, 100 times, who knows?

I Am Just Like You

Once I realize the way to learn Math, along time ago, I see that homework are practically useless. I then tell all the other classmates not to bother doing homework too.

The teacher got so angry. She said that I could not be good at Math unless I did my homework. She told me to stay outside class for the whole semester till I repent, which I didn't. I also lose a lot of grades for not doing the stupid homework, but realizing that high school grades are not that important anyway, I don't care (as long as I pass of course :D).

Latter even though I didn't do homework I perform much better than others that do homework in exams. Then they just say I am different. How convenient.

ďPolitics is the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.Ē Sir Winston Churchill

That's a lame excuse. If every time you see someone is richer or get prettier girls and you just say oh he is different. Then you'll never get rich. The same case is here.

Even if the teachers were right, why don't they let students hear from both sides and choose whichever method the students think is best for the student? Doesn't that get you suspicious?

All right I admit. I may be different. After all we hold this truth to be self evidence that humans are all difference. I may be worse than you.

I didn't do well on a task I am not familiar with including, but not limited to, learning Physics, something that now I may be better than Math.

Hell, remind me to write a sequel "Quantum physics for dummy" after this, and I mean the full explicit hardcore Math version even I can easily understand. Chance is you'll understand that too.

That's because I explain Math to my self in a way where the explanation is so easy to understand even for the most pathetic minds, like mine.

I make system how to learn Math, and Physics, how to run a business, how to do research, how to chase girls, how to make money, how to influence other humans.

The first time I tried many of those, I did worse than typical other humans that also try the same thing. However I then try to make a system to make it easy for even a monkey to do. That's my key to success at anything.

It's the system I make, not the natural capability I have. In fact if I learn Math the way others typically learn Math, I'll do worse than them. Trust me on this.

But then after I begin to see what's going on, my system which is designed to work under a much more pathetic brain condition help me a lot. I then do many things better than others, including, and especially, in learning Math. Using that system you can too.

Government's Trap

Moreover, for many, Math is more difficult than non Math course. I see that the main reason why Math is difficult for them is because they learn it incorrectly. That's happen because government wants them to have a hard time learning.

Rather than using their common sense, many people just blindly obey what schools tell them how to learn. Combined with lack of confidence on themselves, they think failure as natural.

I'll explain that schools do not want you to be good at Math so that's why you have a hard time.

I Happen to Like Writing my Thoughts

Writing what we think make us see our thought much more clearly. Writing our thought help us think faster than if we think inside of our head. In addition, with some editing, we got a book after the process. How's that for more for less ha?

Through experiences I began to see why the way I learn works. If I put my writing in words, I can examine the why surrounding my statements more easily. That way I can examine my own thought more efficiently.

Also, my future self, or my offspring's, or my friends can greatly improve their ways to learn Math without having to extract that out from my intuition from me.

 I see that my techniques work not only for me but for other students as well.

It was then latter I thought about polishing it in a book so I can help millions other to learn Math.

Few humans in this planet learn Math better than I am. Those few have better things to do than writing books about it.

Some humans write a book on how to improve ones' Math skill but they themselves are not likely a good learner themselves. As far as I know, I am the only one that writes a book on this book in this subject, and is one of the best at what I am preaching.

My Book Will Improve your Math Skills in a Lot of Ways:

  1. The book will dispel the difficult techniques that governments enforce to ensure you have a hard time learning Math. The book will teach you how to circumvent the formal education's wrong way to learn Math and anything in general.
  2. I will tell you how to naturally learn Math in a way that follows the path of the least resistance.
  3. I will explain the progress from a particular common way to learn Math to the way I am learning it now. That way not only you know how to learn Math well, you'll also know why you should learn that way. I am not stingy on words. I'll describe my ideas in 70+ pages. I explain the same thing through various different perspectives. There is no way you're going to miss the point. Even then, you can just ask me.
  4. You'll get the message stick into your head for a long time due to memorable stories and analogies. You will still get the message even if you're half awake reading it (I like to assume the worst here). In fact, to seriously get the full benefit, you may not want to read it too seriously the first time you read it. Relaxes!
  5. Truth, nothing but the truth. I am not a teacher whose job depends on the whim of politicians. As a freelance businessman, I do not have to be politically correct.
  6. I'll motivate you to be very good at Math by showing how important and useful Math is.
  7. 100 pages of high steak to shit ratio full of information that won't let you go astray.
  8. Some principles taught in the book is useful in other area of life. I don't like different algorithm for different situation. Too complicated. I use the principles to also be successful in other area of life, including but not limited to business.
  9. And many more ways to ensure you'll be as good as I am, too many to mention.

At the end you'll be so good at Math yet it'll happen so naturally you feel it's just the way it should be in the first place. You won't have it any other way.

Comparison Between Getting this Book and Other Alternatives

  Get the eBook Hire a private tutor to improve your kids' Math skill or your own. Learn Math from School
Efficiency Writing a book is a milestone in humans' civilization.

Lowering the costs of making a copy of a book is the second most important milestone.

Making it available online is...

It's crazy not to take advantage of this technology in transferring information.

Writing an e-book allows me to cost efficiently serve you and then pass on the saving to you.

The same applies for learning how to learn Math from my book.

A private tutor is highly inefficient. She/He has to spend time teaching 2-5 kids.

You can't learn at your own paces when you learn from a private tutor. In Math, you miss one part, and it will be huge problem latter.

I'd rather read a book from one great man then personally taught by a mediocre one.

That being said, I did test my math learning theories by becoming a private tutor my self.

Formal education is highly influenced by the whim of politicians rather than free market.

Efficiency, while being the mark of all free market system is not the mark of any system that governments heavily regulate.

Efficiency is the last thing those politicians want you to have.

If possible they do not want you to learn anything except to make you want to lick their boot more.

The dumber you'll be the more you are dependent on your governments' officials.

This is the officials that decide the curriculum for you.

Time: My techniques, at the most advance form, are designed to learn a 1 semester school course within 1-3 days of learning.

If standard school course require 9* 14 = 126 hours, my method requires only around 8-20 hours at most.

So my technique is 90% more efficient time wise and cheaper1

Not to mention that not having to take prerequisites means saving a lot of time and tuition. That's 97% faster than the regular path.

What about the quality of your learning? Well, Math is either you understand (fully) or you don't. There is no somewhere between. So, that faster path will lead to full understanding.

I express a few of my ideas with simple Math. However, for those that are not good at Math yet, I re-explain the part in non Math way.

I still believe that Math is the most precise way to express idea.

Hence I will strongly encourage you to just learn enough Math to quickly understand all the idea in the book.

Well, if you pay people based on hour, they will have intensive to work much longer. So at the end you will spend hours and hours of learning.

Kids lost their childhood doing all those extra school activity.

Even if you or your kids spends years learning from a tutor chance is you'll never know how to learn math the right way.

Schools have intensive to keep you longer in school.

The time cost is 12-15 years. They teach courses in highly inefficient way so that you stay there longer.

Hence, they will never tell you how to learn Math the fast way.

Schools are notorious of assigning time consuming homework after homework designed mainly to slow you down.

I'll show you that homework will not effectively improve your Math skills!

Control: I will explain to you not only how to learn Math but why you should learn the way I do.

This will give you control on how to modify my technique to suit your condition.

Also if you understand why my method works, my technique will be as if it is your technique.

Hence you are in control of how you should learn rather than just blindly obeying what the authority says.

Some private tutors may actually teach you to learn the right way easily. They are either very expensive or very rare.

I can't think of any because I never hire or need a private tutor.

Surely your teachers are not very motivated to help you or your kids to be independent on their own. The slower you'll learn the longer you'll be in school.

They will tell you wrong inefficient ineffective ways to learn Math. Then they will tell you just to do it.

They will not tell you why and even if they do their explanation will be difficult to understand.

After Service: My email is at

This after service will drop when I got too many customers of course.  Though I like to answer Math riddles I'll prioritize answering how to learn Math.

I want to help you.

A politician thinks that nothing wants more government than disgruntled customers.

As a businessman I must say that nothing wants more product than a satisfied one.

Vary. Sometimes you can ask your professor what books are good even after you graduate.

Not too bad.

Qualification: I got silver medal in International Physics Olympiad. I won several Math competitions, international and national.

I took graduate level Math classes straight without prerequisites with As.

I learned fast. So I know what I am talking about.

My skills are learnt not endowed. I learn well because I know how to learn well. If I learn Math the way others do, I'll perform less than them.

Try to get a tutor with that qualification and chance is he is already a professor somewhere.

A few becomes businessman and that means they will be even more expensive.

Some professors do taught in school. However, they are compelled by various policies to slow you down. Their time is expensive. I've been in schools, I can tell that great way of learning something is not usually taught there.

Few professors teach thing the right way.

Most professors grade students partially on homework. This tends to waste time of more capable students. This will effectively enforce less efficient learning techniques.

Guarantee: No question ask. 3 months of 100% full refund guarantee!

My payment processor prohibits me to give guarantee longer than 3 months for credit card payment.

Vary. I've never heard a tutor give 100% refund guarantee. I mean how could she afford it? I am still applying for a refund of 90% of my tuition from my college due to their highly inefficient learning methods.

Just kidding .


Cheaper than 10000 cheaper than about the cheapest tutor.

You see the price of the book must be set up until elasticity=(cost/price)+1.

Why must it be this way? Well, learn Math! You'll derive that sort of thing all your self.

Given that compared to the alternative buying this book is way cheaper anyway and given I am offering it to the richest countries in the world, I don't see that demand will be very elastic with respect to price.

I am so sure; buying this book will profit you at least 100 times its price.

I should be charging 100 times more for this book and you would still buy if you know what's good for you.

Email me if you're poor and cannot afford my price.

Someone as good as I am will cost $100-$300/hour. I can't work for less than that, I am a businessman.

Average school's tutors get paid around $20-$50/hour. Most of which will tell your kids to just do a lot of exercises. I'll explain in my book that doing exercises is almost useless.

To improve your grades in a semester will costs around 40 times $50 = $2000, multiply that by 15 school years will mean $60,000.00.

You can have a family taught you or you can watch your own kid but that would be time consuming.

That'll undermine your time for other important stuff like watching your stocks.

After that, most tutored people still need even more tutoring.

The most important lessons that can be learnt in schools are those that use Math.

You can spend years and years learning the hard and long way. Typical school cost $40,000.00 per year.

If you don't learn it the right way, there goes the efficiency of $40,000.00 times 12-15 years = around $500,000.00.

In fact, grades and degrees aside, if you read my book, you can just skip school altogether and learn Math outside school.

You could auspiciously do that if you're a businessman, which you should be anyway.

Save $500,000.00!

I will explain that many techniques of studies presented in school is there to give you a hard time.

This book will tell you how to circumvent that.


Many of these bonuses will eventually be sold separately for money. I'll just include it for free now.

  1. New: Lecture notes for my students... When I went to College, what really helps me learn are not the lecture but lecture notes. I discovered that most Math courses (addition, multiplication, logarithm, trigonometry, linear circuits, electromagnetic, power, and roots have a "special" corner where you can learn it the easiest. I turn some of those into lecture notes.

  2. It will tell you the most important Math techniques that can greatly help you to make more precise analysis on your decision making process. This will then help you improve your wealth, health, and getting you more life satisfaction, etc. This is the principle and calculation that I use on my own as a successful businessman.

  3. A few samples on how Math can be widely used on many aspects of life. I'll show you a sample of how I use Math, rather than words to analyze poems, life situations, avoiding legal problems, making money, etc. You'll see how we can express and analyze many of life's issues with Math. I'll also tell why Math is often the best way to do it and what its limitation is. This will change your way of viewing the world greatly.

  4. Recommended readings of Math based and non Math based knowledge that I found very useful in helping me run my life.

  5. How unlike Math, words are not precise. I'll tell in what ways words are imprecise. How when words are imprecise, the more something move to one direction, the more people express the opposite. See through a lot of deceptions with Math.

  6. Comparisons between Math oriented information and the non Math one. What's the difference? Why the Math oriented is the most accurate? Why non Math based information is much less accurate?

  7. Of course a lot and lot of recommended readings.

  8. Lots and lots of quotation from selected sources to inspire you to greatness in learning Math as in others.

  9. Samples of descriptions of what I would teach if I have 5-20 minutes to improve a student's grade on a few courses. It'll show that many courses have some essential ideas where understanding those ideas will get you very far. You'll get A's easily in exam doing that than doing homework all over semester.

  10. A book on how to learn math will not be complete without sample of how this will get you what you want. I'll show how I applied Math's principles for real life advantage. The very technique I used to be a very successful internet self entrepreneur. That is before I write any book by the way.

All updates, including lecture notes are available to any previous buyer for at least 1 year. I planned to keep this for life. Prices, however, increase as my e-book and bonuses gain more and more popularity and value. So the earliest you get my e-book, the earlier and cheaper you can take advantage of this. Don't waste your life and wait. Get the e-book now!


Start Getting Smart  Now (+bonuses)

1Your result may vary. I am confident it will be much better than your current result.

If you're a female and you want an even easier way to improve your kids' Math skill go here.

What Students' Parents Told Me:

"Before learning from you, his grade was D. Now he got A for this semester and say that he likes Math"

"After studying with you for just 2 seasons, my son get so exited in learning Math. His grade changes from 5-6 to 7-8" - a parent whose son I teach

hi it's Daniel again, I manage to get a stupid B+ in my math class overall right now. i really like what you said in the book on how math is simple, but from your own experience, how did you study or did you ever study prior to a quiz or a test? i mean my teacher is a great person who helped me in math, but like your book, he constantly says that "if you don't study, you are bound to get a bad grade" thing. what should i really do before a math test?

I donít practice. However I derived all the formulas. Read the lecture notes. Not all Math teachers are bad. However, most teach math the way they teach judo. Practicing the same problem 100 times. You donít need that.

In  US itís better actually.

note: That sample is above typical (not by much). Most other students got their grades significantly improved to 9-10 after about 3 months learning "my way". Students whose parents think they need private tutoring now attend Math competitions, etc. They got more confidence and their grades improve. These are students from private competitive high schools. So results should be comparable to you.


There is a 90 days 100% guarantee. No questions asked. If you're not satisfied, then just say so and get FULL refund. Alternatively, you can also says that your dog print the e-book and eat it.

The e-book's license can be easily disabled, making me able to give this kind of guarantee.

Note: VISA rules prohibit me to give any guarantee beyond 90 days. So if you pay with your credit card your guarantee is only 90 days. Otherwise it's 1 year. If you're serious, you should read the e-book within the first week.

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